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Piedmont Well & Pump, located near Athens, Georgia, drills 6” Residential Wells & 8” Commercial Wells throughout North Georgia. Our water well drilling services include residential wells, commercial wells, irrigation wells and geothermal wells.  We will be happy to make an appointment to discuss your particular need and provide you a free well drilling estimate.  Contact us today at 706-201-2441.

Well Drilling Services Include;

Residential Wells, Residential Pump Systems, Residential Irrigation Wells
 Commercial Wells Commercial Irrigation Wells,
Geothermal Wells, Water Pump InstallationWater Storage Tanks

Residential Wells

Residential water wells are becoming very popular today for urban homes as well as rural areas.  Although many rural areas have no other choice than drilled water wells, many homeowners prefer a private well to commercial water hookups, or need a private residential well for irrigation or for livestock.  Regardless of why you need a residential or commercial water well drilled, Piedmont Well & Pump can help you.  We have the right equipment and the expertise to get the job done efficiently and affordably.

Residential wells are drilled at a diameter of 6”, and metal or PVC casing is installed down to the rock level. The drilling continues until a supply of water is obtained for residential service. While there is not any way to determine how much water (gallons per minute) will be available in the well until it is drilled, a well with three (3) gallons per minute (gpm) can sustain a family of four (4) that normally averages about 250 gallons per day.

The average family uses 250 gallons of water per day in normal use. If you are using your residential for irrigation in addition to home use, you may need a deeper well so the reserve water in the well will support higher use. If you have a well that is not producing enough water, it may be improved by having it hydrofracked.


Commercial Wells

Commercial wells are usually 8” diameter wells drilled to support a community or a commercial manufacturing company, or large farm or ranch.  They are are usually drilled deeper to provide a higher volume of water.  Commercial grade pumps in these systems are engineered to provide longer life and heavier volumes of flow.  Piedmont Well & Pump will help you determine the the depth of well and pump system that is right for your requirement.  We can also install reserve water storage tanks to help augment the system.


Irrigation Wells

An irrigation well is an alternative way to irrigate your landscaping and garden. It is becoming an increasingly popular request due to the recent drought and limited use of county/city water. An irrigation well can be connected to your house or business in addition to your irrigation system. You can still maintain the connection to county/city water by having a cutoff installed that can be switched over by you when desired.

For irrigation wells, we normally drill 6” residential wells or 8” commercial wells. The average residential irrigation system needs 25 gpm to supply all the zones, and a commercial system can require as much as 100-125 gpm. Piedmont Well & Pump will help you determine how much water is needed for your irrigation system and will help you engineer the most efficient system possible.  A well that doesn’t yield the desired gpm to supply the irrigation system can be improved by hydrofracking or having cistern tanks installed to store the water. In some cases, both options are used.


Geothermal Wells

geothermal closed loop verticalHomeowners all over the country have discovered the benefits of using the free energy of a geothermal well to help provide heating, cooling, and hot water for their homes. Geothermal heating and cooling systems tap into the constant, moderate temperatures found just a few feet below the earth's surface to offer the most efficient energy for heating and cooling their homes. In a typical home, 70% of the total energy bill comes from heating, cooling, and hot water. The greatest opportunity to reduce your energy costs is to improve the efficiency of your heating, cooling, and hot water system by utilizing this geothermal technology. This energy is free, clean and environmentally friendly.


Residential Pump Systems

Piedmont Well & Pump will help you select the proper pump for your well, install the pump and keep it running properly.  Piedmont is a full service water system company so you will not have to deal with multiple contractors to get your complete system installed.  In a residential well system, we install a submersible pump, that is a pump that is actually resides inside the well under the water level. The pump is sized once the well is drilled and the depth and gpm are known. Pipe and wire are installed along with the pump down in the well, and a waterline (with pipe and wire installed) is trenched to your power source. There are other components that are required, such as a pressure tank and miscellaneous fittings. It is recommended that the pressure tank be placed in a crawl space or basement if possible to prevent exposure to the elements.

The pressure tanks can vary in size depending on what the well will be used for. It has two main functions: one is to cool the pump down before the pump shuts off, and the other is to prevent the pump from cutting on when only a small amount of water is needed such as when washing your hands.

We have several brands of pumps to choose from and will help you get the best pump for your well.  Pumps are available in conventional or constant pressure, depending on your preference and budget. A constant pressure pump allows you to use the water at different locations in your house such as the dishwasher and shower simultaneously without a difference in water pressure.


Irrigation Pump Systems

If you have an irrigation well at your residence, the pump will be different than a residential pump. An irrigation pump is a variable-speed, constant-pressure pump that runs based on high/low demand of the irrigation system. The variable speed means that when the well is full, the rpm’s run slower, and as the well drops in volume, the rpm’s speed up to maintain the constant pressure.

A constant-pressure pump allows you to run water in your house at different locations such as taking a shower and running the dishwasher, and at the same time watering with your irrigation system, without noticing a drop in pressure. The pumps are engineered with three-phase power performance while having single phase input.

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